Friday, 12 January 2018

Loch Sport _ Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets

The Corymbia ficifolia trees along the main drag entering Loch Sport were if full flower last week. Flowers = nectar = nectar feeders = honeyeaters and lorikeets. The trees near the main store/post office were choc-a-block full of Musk Lorikeets and Rainbow Lorikeets, many more of the former. They are not so hard to photograph when their minds are full of food so I was able to get to within 5 or 6 metres of them, taking into consideration the main road between them and me! As it was only 8am, the sun was straight over my right shoulder so the lighting couldn't get much better.

Musk Lorikeet Glossopsitta concinna

Rainbow Lorikeet Trichoglossus moluccanus

As an aside, we have a ficifolia at home in Sale. It has the electricity wire above it and has had some severe pruning since planting a few years ago (yes, silly place to put it) but has never flowered. Until this year. There is one decent cluster of flowers on it, several single flowers totalling less than the cluster. Found by one Red Wattlebird!

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