Tuesday, 2 August 2016

HBW -- Heyfield Wetlands and Glenmaggie Flora and Fauna Reserve

Eight birders gathered in coolish and cloudy weather at the Heyfield Wetlands. We spent two hours walking some of the various paths in this continuously improving environment before morning tea. Thirty-two species including Tree Martins, a high soaring Black-shouldered Kite and a Brown Goshawk with a prey item clutched in his/her talons. Lots of Rainbow Lorikeets but no Swift Parrots. Perhaps a tad early for them to be moving through here towards Tasmania.

After a look at the State Memorial for Timber Workers [and more Rainbows but no Swifties], we went on to the Glenmaggie Flora and Fauna Reserve where we walked in, across and back to the northern fence then back to the cars for lunch. The first part of our walk was almost bird-less. Don, Ted, Val and I used a great app to key out some fungi but once we reached the last leg, the bird action commenced. Varied Sitella, White-winged Chough, White-throated Treecreepers, Australian Ravens [definitively identified by calls using both Morcombe and Pizzey apps], Spotted and Striated Pardalotes, Golden Whistler and Scarlet and Eastern Yellow Robins. Only 17 species but class, pure class.

Enjoy the pics.

New Holland Honeyeater.
Gathering nesting material for an abode in the mistletoe.
Mr and Mrs Chestnut Teal
Mr and Mrs Australian Wood Duck.
Check out his hair style!
Lepista nuda
Great colour and three forks on the fungi app i.e. good eating.

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