Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Go South 10 -- Bowra Station, Cunnamulla

Bowra has all four Australian babbler species. I saw three in one day.

Chestnut-crowned Babblers Pomatostomus ruficeps [in fact all babblers] have extra nests which serve as communal "nests" for nighttime. An example is below. CCBs look "dapper".

Chestnut-crowned Babbler
Chestnut-crowned Babbler
Chestnut-crowned Babbler.
Halls Babbler Pomatostomus hall are common in suitable habitat of dry eucalypt woodlands although the Bowra folk seemed to think they were the hardest to find of the three common babbler species.
Halls Babbler
Grey-crowned Babbler Pomatostomus temporals were about in their "band of thieves" outfits with the dark eye-stripe.
Grey-crowned Babbler
Crested Bellbird
Oreoica gutturalis
Spotted Bowerbird
Chlamydera maculata

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