Friday, 19 June 2015

NT Road Trip 2015: Part 11: Hardhead hard swallow

Day 12 Longreach Waterhole -- Hardhead hard swallow

The following images show a female Hardhead eating a snail. This was the fourth snail I saw her eat/swallow and it was the biggest yet.

She was just a few metres from the shore. She would dive [Hardheads are Australia's only diving duck] down and bring up a snail, flick it around in her beak and swallow. This set of images are of her fourth catch and it proved to be a bit bigger than anticipated.

Here we are, caught some more breakfast
Seems to be the right orientation
Just give it a wash
Perhaps I'll just flick it around a bit.
Aahh. That's better. Bound to go down easy now.
Gulp !
Gulp !! 
Oops. Seems a bit big.
Gag. Move tongue to help swallow. Gulp !!!
Gravity! Help! Gulp !!!!
Great. Past my tongue.
Argh. That's better. No-one can see I've had a mouthful !!!!!
Magic. Just have to be there!

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