Thursday, 4 June 2015

NT Road Trip 2015: Part 05 Whistling Kite v Magpie

Day 06 Morning -- Eringa Waterhole

I think Whistling Kites look a bit disorganised with their ruffled hair and mildly unkempt/frazzled appearance. They are a very common resident across Australia and we saw plenty on the trip, especially around water.
Whistling Kite Haliastur sphenurus
This is in contrast to the also very common resident across northern Australia, the Black Kite, who looks a lot snappier.

Black Kite Milvus migrans
A Whistling Kite decided to investigate the area and landed in a tree to check out the place/potential meals, doubtless at its usual watch station. A Magpie decided that it did not want the aforementioned predator in the vicinity and so made a vigorous attempt to discourage the kite's presence with a dramatic near-miss, but not too close, "swoosh"-past accompanied by appropriate vocalisation. This action was hard to miss by anyone with working hearing. On this occasion, just one pass was enough to move the kite along.

"Let's have a look around for breakfast"
"Incoming" Australian Magpie Cracticus tibicen

"Keep your eye on the birdie"
"I'll look elsewhere. It will be quieter"

Magic! t1250 and be there.

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