Sunday, 22 February 2015

Pond life

I was fascinated by the insect life on a small, fairly ephemeral pond on my block. I have no idea what their names are, but there was plenty of activity going on. The block currently has two beehives "in residence" so that accounts for one image. It is amazing that anywhere there is water, life follows and fairly sharpish, too.

Dragonflies mating
Dragonfly laying eggs
Damselflies mating [thank you JH and HW]
Red dragonfly
Robberfly ??
Honey bee


  1. I think the ones you queried are Damselflies. It is interesting the diversity of insects that the water has attracted.

  2. Thank you HW. I have been put straight twice today. Damselflies rest with wings together. Dragonflies rest with wings horizontal and apart. The diversity is bound to be way more than I saw. I had been "stalking" a White-faced Heron on my dam when I saw what was happening on a small dam down the overflow from the big one so I sat for quite a few minutes and was intrigued and fascinated by what was happening. I could see lots of other things in the water. Life is everywhere. Love your images. Is n't the lippy on a Pacific Gull just marvellous!

  3. Good catch with those dragonflies. Haven't seen your blog before. I enjoyed looking through some of your older posts.

  4. Thank you for visiting Mosura.

  5. Mosura. Welcome back to bogland!!