Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Queensland Visits: Ethan 01

Ethan and I did some shorebirdwatching in the Gladstone area for a few days last week. We had a great time. Here are some of Ethan's images using a Canon 5D and a Tamron 150-600 G1 lens. Rule number one is: get closer.

First off are some endemic Aussie birds.

Double-barred Finch
Leaden Flycatcher (female)
Leaden Flycatcher (male)
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike (almost fledged)(saw the adults)
Caspian Tern
Crested Tern (adult above; juvenile below)
Gull-billed Tern
Little Terns
Eastern Reef Egret (dark morph)
White-bellied Sea-eagle

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