Sunday, 18 December 2016

Going South -- 03

After Karumba, it was south to Mt Isa and a chance of a grasswren. Clarke & Dolby and Thomas & Thomas give quite specific directions to likely sites for finding Kalkadoon and Carpentarian Grasswrens but I was unsuccessful in my quest. The Carpentarian Grasswren site on McNamara's Road about 40km north of Mt Isa looks great. I spent the whole day there. Sat by a small pool of water in a dry creek for the afternoon and saw some pretty nice birds but no grasswren.

Black-tailed Treecreeper, male
Climacteris melanurus
Black-tailed Treecreeper, female Climacteris melanurus
Black-faced Woodswallow Artamus cinereus
Diamond Dove Geopelia cuneata
Grey-fronted Honeyeater Lichenostomus plumulus
Little Woodswallow Artamus minor

Painted Finch Emblema pictum
Spinifex Pigeon Geophaps plumifera

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