Friday, 30 September 2016

Go South 16 -- Whoey Tank

Six hundred and fifty kilometres to the south of Bowra Station, via Bourke, Cobar and Mt Hope, is Whoey Tank, an old dam of quite substantial size, tucked into the northern part of Round Hill Nature Reserve. Whilst the "tank" is empty, a small concrete tank of 20,000 or so litre capacity sits on the ground about 100 metres to the "tank's" east which has a very small and slow leak at its base. Here a small permanent puddle has formed and the birds love it. I placed a dead branch on the ground just a metre away from the puddle and, having arisen before dawn, sat in a chair directly in line with the rising sun and waited.

The leak and Blue-faced Honeyeaters.
Top of the tank and Striped Honeyeater.
Spotted Bowerbird
Blue Bonnets
Mulga Parrots - girl,boy,boy,girl

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