Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Is Photoshop beneficial?

Not every image taken on a DSLR is a cracker. In fact most aren't. So some image manipulation is "par for the course", at least on my computer. It usually involves cropping, alterations to highlights and shadows with perhaps bringing the colour temperature near 5330*K ^^ and adding a touch of sharpness. A friend, Graeme, is a very dab hand at tweaking the ultimate from an image. Here are two examples of images that he improved.

Original Image:

My effort:

Final image by Graeme:

Occasionally there is something in the image that is distracting. In the following case, "the barbed-wire has to go". So it did!

My tweaked image:

Final image by Graeme:

^^ K for kelvin. Named after William Lord Kelvin. There are 3 kelvin scales.
1. Temperature: the kelvin scale has the same magnitude of degree as the Celsius scale but starts at absolute zero -  minus 273.16*C.
2. Colour temperature: daylight from the sun has a colour temperature of abut 5,600*K. If an object is at a lower thermometric temperature [<4,000*K] than the sun, the light radiated from it appears redder than daylight. If the thermometric temperature is higher [>7,500*K] than the sun, the light appears bluer.
3. Noise temperature: yes, you can measure the temperature of noise.
Thanks to Wikipedia.