Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bernies Bend

This afternoon, Wednesday, I took the opportunity of my vehicle being at the automotive electrician's for a couple of hours to take camera and binoculars around the Macalister Wetlands Reserve. A path follows the lefthand bank of the Macalister River in a northerly direction from the Maffra-Traralgon Road to the MWR. Rivers have a left and right bank with the handedness being allocated as if one is travelling downstream. I do not know why Bernies Bend is so named but just beyond it, I spotted a bundle of birds on the path. Red-browed Finches, Superb Fairy-wrens and Grey Fantails were darting about every-which-way.

As I approached, they all beat a hasty retreat to the safety of a large Pittosporum in the middle of the grass. So I quietly siddled towards said Pittosporum where they, and three other species, all revealed themselves in due course.

The male wren still has a bit of moult to go. Looks a bit like he needs a good brush.
male Superb Fairy-wren
Two fantails were very busy indeed. They seemed most interested in me as I approached the bush and flew to within a metre of me on several occasions. I wondered if some territorial defence/nesting was going on. 
Grey Fantail
The robin was an unexpected pleasure. He popped out of the middle for a couple of minutes then went back in. Nesting again?
Eastern Yellow Robin
I do not have a good or even half-decent picture of a red-brow. Once again they were too quick for me, but you can see the red brow and the red rump.
Red-browed Finch
The Silvereye was very accommodating, sitting on the branch preening away for several minutes. It was a day to be fluffy.
However, the kestrel came and had a look at me, circling twice about 10 metres above me [you can imagine me frantically trying to get the camera off my arm and into position - wasn't going to happen] then flew off 20 metres to the top of the nearest power pole where he proceeded to eat the rest of the meal I had obviously interrupted. The males have a light grey head whereas the head of the female is the same colour as their back.
male Nankeen Kestrel
 Magic. f8, a wooden jumper, beanie and raincoat, and be there.


  1. Perhaps a ‘woolen’ jumper Jack?
    Nice little collection of birds while you waited for the vehicle. So many opportunities, huh?

    1. Is it possible to turn the spellcheck off?