Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Burnt Bridge

Birdlife East Gippsland had an outing to Burnt Bridge and Cherrytree east of Lakes Entrance yesterday for a morning of birdwatching. I was especially taken with Burnt Bridge.

We arrived at the carpark. Some members looked downstream to dead trees by the waterside and commented that they would be great spots for white-bellied sea-eagles to perch and survey for potential prey. Having only walked 50 metres downstream, we spotted such a beastie, missed on the initial quick perusal. With its patchy buff-white head and body, this will be a second year bird.

Answers as to what he/she is doing with the right foot on a postcard to ...  Perhaps the leg is injured. A little further on we spotted a second sea-eagle, maybe a first year juvenile bird with all the brown feathers.

Magic. f8 and be there!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Can you remember when you first became interested in birds?

Grandson #1, Ethan, has discovered the world of birds. As a result of his one Christmas wish, he received a full size copy of Morcombe for Christmas and has read it many times. This meant he could return the local library's copy which he had on permanent loan. They had his phone number if it was needed. His knowledge is fantastic for an eleven year old, especially as he did not have a pair of binoculars. Well, that was easily remedied a week ago when I visited the mob in Mullumbimby, picking Ethan up in Sydney then spending two days catching up the rest of the family on the way home = birdwatching without pesky, non-interested brothers in tow.

First stop was Ash Island at Newcastle. First bird seen through the new bins?? An Australian Raven. But we did see a Brown Falcon, Whistling Kite and Swamp Harrier in the same field of view!! Followed quickly by a Black-shouldered Kite. He loves all the birds but especially raptors. Oh, and Rosellas.

Lunch the next day at Nambucca Heads saw a Brown Honeyeater and a tagged Beach Stone-curlew then we caught up with the family at Lake Arragan in Yuraygir NP where we camped for the night. This time it was a White-bellied Sea-eagle and an Osprey in the same field of view!! Plus 3 minutes of full frontal Red-backed Fairy-wren [no camera of course -- we were coming back from an early morning wander], a White-cheeked Honeyeater and a Varied Triller. We ended up having no time to see the Alberts Lyrebird in the Mt Jerusalem NP where they live behind Mullumbimby.

I didn't get the camera out much. Too much to do just birding with an enthusiast! Here are some pics.

White-cheeked Honeyeater
Varied Triller
White-bellied Sea-eagle
Forgot. A Brahminy Kite too!
Brown Honeyeater, Nambucca Heads
Beach Stone-curlew, Nambucca Heads
Magic. f6.3 and be there!