Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Maffra Swamp

Is officially called the Macalister Swamp Reserve. Although it has a catchment from local paddocks, it is the influx from a flood on the Macalister River that completely fills it. I went for a visit this afternoon with a card in my camera this time! I wondered if the Latham's Snipe would still be there. A sign in the Alistair Fielding Bird Hide says that 200 of these intrepid migratory summer visitors have been seen at one time in a bonza year. I spotted about 10, mostly because they flew away with their typical quick, explosive 'chak' Pizzey & Knight or rasping 'kzek kzek kzek' Morcombe on take-off. But I was able to get some good images; by stealth. I also saw plenty of other birds. A selection below.

Part of the Macalister Swamp Reserve from the walking path
As the season advances and wetlands begin to dry out, the area for foraging diminishes and the species become more concentrated and, perhaps, less discerning as to their feeding companions?

Left to right: Dusky Moorhen, Latham's Snipe,
Purple-fronted Swamphen, Red-kneed Dotterel
Latham's Snipe, Grey Teal
Spot the Snipe
Snipe markings are striking
Australian Reed-warbler
Little Grassbird
juvenile Grey Fantail
Royal Spoonbill
Great Egret in a tree
Magic. f8 and be there.

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