Monday, 12 January 2015

Banded or Black-winged?

Banded Stilts seem not to come to Sale so I visited their current home at Victoria Lagoon at Holland's Landing to have a look and fix their identification in my mind to counteract any false id I may make in the future. There were several hundred in the shallows with the pelicans, a few teal and about 40 lonely-looking Black-winged Stilts.

They were a fair way away but, suddenly, a hundred or so took to the wing and flew across the lagoon and landed just in front of me. 500mm was too long!!

They didn't stay too long and flew back to the pelicans about 100 metres over on the other side.

In this image [below] the lonely Black-winged Stilts are on the right. They are the ones with the black back on their necks. The Banded Stilts have an all-white neck [and the band across the chest, of course].

Here is an image of BWS from a few weeks ago at Heart Hall Road to the east of the Sale RAAF base.

An individual. At Alice Springs Water Treatment Plant = Sewage Works = Poo Ponds!


  1. Hi Jackwin,
    Great photos. This area is fantastic for birds. I get to visit this area quite often with work, especially Hearts Morass and I agree its uncommon to see Banded Stilts around Sale, especially in large numbers, but they do visit sometimes. Juveniles of both species are often difficult to distinguish from a distance though.

  2. Thanks Craig. What takes you to Hearts Morass often? I have a project there I am sure you can help me with -- information -- not physical. Email me please. Jack