Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Barry Way 3

Behind all of this activity at the Jacobs River campsite were the Dusky Woodswallows attending to their young. It took me a while to locate their nest. It was in a tree as you might expect.

Can you spot the nest?
Can you spot it now?
I expect nests to be high up, out of the way of ground-based predators. In this case perhaps not. It was only five feet off the ground wedged where a piece of substantial sized bark had fallen away from the trunk, a bit like a sock with a loose top. There were three inhabitants.

"Where's that food?"
"Aren't mums marvellous?"
"Feed me. Feed me. Ta Mum"
Waste disposal service too. Mum/dad reaching to take away
a capsule of white material from an anus.

"All we have to do is wait for the next round of food".
"Perhaps a spot of preening and sunbathing.
Ahh. Life is good".
Magic. f8 and be there.

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