Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Sale Common

The Sale Common (or Sale Wetlands) has not been dry for a few years now. The waterholes are bordered by woodlands or open marshes. You can always be guaranteed to see something interesting on any visit. Apart from the flora, birds are the most obvious spp to be seen and heard.

On a visit early last Tuesday, I parked at Cox's Bridge and walked to the bird hide on top of the old shooting butt. "Hide" is not quite the correct word these days as you need to ascend a series of steps then walk across the top of the butt in full view of the birds before "hiding" in what is left of the fire damaged and wrecked hide. It is easy to continue past the steps and go directly up the bank behind the hide.

The contents of eggs hatched a few months ago are nearing adulthood.

Mr or Mrs Pacific Black Duck shepherding the kids

A Whistling Kite sat in the Kite Tree warming itself in the early morning sun.

Daniel Darter had done the laundry and was hanging his feathers out to dry. Doris was out fishing showing why the species was called "Snake Bird".

* I am not sure what Blogger has done to the black of this bird. Apologies. Just believe me. It was black.

Magic. f8 and be there.

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