Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bird Dots

On Monday, I went for a bit-of-a-bird from Marlay Point back to Sale via Heart Hall Road behind the RAAF base [to the east for those not "of Sale"]. There is a heap of water after the East Coast Low and the birds have found it, especially a patch that has been recently worked for revegetation planting by Greening Australia. I stopped the car to have a closer look and took a few pictures. I estimated about 500 - 700 Teal.

About 10% of the birds on view in a wide arc of 90 degrees
Of course you never know what might be lurking in the mob. So I set up the scope in the middle of the road and had a good look. The following images are enlarged crops of the above photo.

Silver Gull (1 only)
One-legged Black-winged Stilt (a dozen or so)
Sharp-tailed Sandpipers (probably 20). One on the left.
One cut off on the right is the one "under" the Silver Gull in the image above
I was pleased with these. Pink-eared Duck (2 thereof)
Magic. f8 and be there.

*Note: even f8 can't make up for camera shake, even at 1/1250th, and just being far away!

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