Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Barry Way

I chose to return to Sale from Sydney via Jindabyne and the Barry Way which winds its way south along the righthand bank of the Snowy River. I camped for the night where the road meets the Snowy at its junction with Jacobs River. The campsite was basic with a loo, shelter and level spots right next to the Jacobs River but several hundred metres from the main drag.

The birding was basic too but there were lots of birds about. The background noise belonged to Rufous Whistlers. 

I walked a few metres up the hill from the river and campsites and was immediately buzzed by Dusky Woodswallows! Not a species I associate with such welcoming activity. 

As I was standing watching the Woodswallows, a Brown Treecreeper rocketed off the ground by my left knee. 

Bee-eaters zoomed around providing picturesque portraits in the sun.

As I stood there admiring all the avian activity, I realised that the Woodswallows were being excessively attentive to my presence, occasionally flying right by my earhole. Then the penny dropped. Through the bins I could see that an adult had a morsel of food in its beak.  A-ha! There must be young about. I retreated some steps and crouched on the ground and waited patiently until the adults were happy with my presence and recommenced feeding duties.

Part 2 in a later blog!

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