Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Pardalote Central II -- Edward Hunter Reserve, Moe

It is said ...

Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. It does.
All good things come to those who wait. It does.

My lifetime paucity of pardalote images on Sunday became an elegant sufficiency on Monday with BLEG at Eagle Point and an embarrassment of riches on Tuesday with HBW at Edward Hunter Heritage Bush Reserve in Moe. We had only gone three steps after alighting from our vehicles when Spotted Pardalotes put on a show for us in a low tree "right there". An adult was feeding a trailing immature.

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"Mum hasn't visited me for 30 seconds. I'm getting hungry."

"I can make the job easier by getting closer. Right in the action."

Note the contrasting colours of the dots on the head.
Juvenile above. Adult below.

"Here's a morsel, dear."

I imagine the usually high-rise, top-storey pardalotes throw caution to the wind when feeding incessantly hungry youngsters and so they come down lower foraging and we get a good look. Good job.

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Further on our walk we spotted a pair of Spotteds very low down fiddling about in the vegetation of a small running creek. Jim soon spotted where they were disappearing into their nest hole in the bank. No photos of that but lots of the birds in the brush.

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I now have lots of pardalote images of both species and am very very satisfied.

Magic. f8 and be there.

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