Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Narrabeen, NSW, on a Sunday morning

An early morning walk on and near the beach at Narrabeen, a northern suburb of Sydney, was invigorating and illuminating. People do lots of different things.

First off was a walk to the beach and along the cliff top.

A pod of dolphins 
Other photographers out at 6am at the Narrabeen Ocean Pool
A great view
 Then I walked inland along the outlet from Narrabeen Lagoon. The things people do.

Pelicans and Little Black Cormorants find a quiet spot to preen and rest.
Ways to fish: #1 -- Solo sitting
Ways to fish: #2 -- with the family
Ways to fish: #3 – solo standing
Ways to fish: #4 – beakily
Bloke boarding quality time
Narrabeen Lagoon vista
Fishing and boarding can mix!

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