Saturday, 18 October 2014

Where's my dinner?

I visited the Herb Guyatt Sanctuary this afternoon, just to see what might turn up. As I sauntered along the path near the mobile stick area*, I noticed a male Golden Whistler working some low acacia next to the track. I quietly approached and, looking through the bins, noticed he had a big juicy insect in his mouth.

He came closer. I took some photos. He came closer still, to about two metres away from me. He also managed a pretty good call despite his full mouth. He seemed to call "around" the food morsel. Perhaps a trainee avian ventriloquist. I then realised that I was standing next to a sparse thin shrub in which was perched, about a metre off the ground, a fledgling Golden Whistler.

I can see a lot of potential in the kid
I backed off a couple of paces and Dad went in for the downloading. I had the camera on auto-drive-modey-thingy but, as the camera was saving in raw files, the 8 fps rate was in reality 2 fps so I missed the transfer.

"These things are just a food processor"

I waited a few minutes and he was back with another meal but refused to approach the kid so I left them to it.

f8 and be there. Magic.

Beware of Sticks

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  1. A good 'get' Jack. I believe birdsong comes from an organ called the syrinx and not from the larynx, which might mean the adult could call with it's beak full - maybe?