Monday, 15 September 2014

Jack ventures into the murky world of LBJ ID [how a 600mm lens helps]

Yesterday I ventured out Heyfield way with the Heyfield Birdwatchers and the Birdlife East Gippsland folks. Nineteen in all. We set off from Maffra at 9am stopping at the Port of Maffra until 10.30 including a cuppa. Next stop was Bellbird Corner, looking superb in spring green, and a chance to get my head slightly around the id of LBJs [Little Brown Jobs], especially with the help of a 600mm lens. There were plenty zipping around the foliage, especially the acacias, and I managed a couple of 'keeper' images.

Brown Thornbill

This is a Brown Thornbill with beautiful scalloped markings on a rufous forehead and a red eye.
Striated Thornbill

This delightful fellow is a Striated Thornbill with striations on the forehead, a dark eye and obvious striations on the ear coverts [where the ears would be to the uninitiated]. They are not as obvious on the Brown Thornbill.

After Bellbird Corner, we ventured to the Glenmaggie Flora and Fauna Reserve near Heyfield. Here all we had to do was get out of the car. A Yellow Thornbill family were feeding their young ones in a nest above the cars!
Yellow Thornbill

Having joined Birdlife Australia last month, I discovered that the June issue of their magazine had a guide to identifying LBJs. Missed it by that much. Once home, I went on-line to the Birdlife Australia website and found a pdf of the 92-page mag Australian Birdlife - June 2014 and downloaded it. The guide is very helpful.

The fog is clearing!

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