Thursday, 25 September 2014

Creeping through the trees

After an exciting morning viewing 30% of the world's migrant wader birds, PW and I made our way to Giffard Flora and Fauna Reserve for lunch. Whilst enjoying the view in a sheltered glade, we were privileged to have a White-throated Treecreeper serenade us for many minutes and give us some excellent views for a few. Their call is described as "rapid, high-pitched, penetrating piping ... continuing interminably"Pizzey & Knight. This is certainly true.

Gippsland has two treecreepers as residents. White-browed and White-throated. As you can see in the pic, W-T does not have an eyebrow. The W-T female has an ochre dot on the neck so our mate was a male.

White-throated Treecreeper
As we were watching the W-T, Peter spotted a pair of "small, confiding birds of much charm"Pizzey & Knight  Yes, Jacky Winters. Typically, one was sitting on the top of a fence post and the other on a stump about one metre high. I was able to openly approach them to 3 metres or so before I chickened out and took a picture.

Jacky Winter

After the birds we went for a short walk checking out the Lady Finger and Wax Lip Orchids.

Wax Lip Orchid

Lady Finger Orchid

There were plenty about. We had to be careful about standing on them.

Another magic day.

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